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Blessed with a natural ability to see clearly and compassionately into people and life situations, Donna has provided intuitive counseling and guided imagery therapy for over 15 years.   She has a unique nonjudgmental way of looking at things that enables clients to gain a fresh perspective and take charge of their lives in a productive and balanced way.

Drawing on her many years of research, experience, and success with clients, Donna offers effective yet simple tools. In a safe, comfortable, and encouraging atmosphere, people feel heard and understood. With an engaging sense of humor, she provides direct and positive feedback that assists clients in moving forward towards reawakening their authentic personal power and enthusiasm for life.



In her own words:

Who says things have to be tedious and painful?   Learning more about yourself doesn’t mean you can’t laugh!   In fact, laughter is one of the most healing energies.   Is your bookshelf heavy with trendy self help titles?

“77777 Secrets to Success”

                “1500 Ways to Fix Yourself in 3 Hours”

 “People Who Blame Others and the Blamers Who Blame Them Back for Blaming”

 OK, you caught me.  I made up those titles. Although self help books offer some good ideas, every time you try to squeeze yourself into someone else’s idea of success or how you should be or feel, you’re actually moving away from the target – to know, value, and be authentically YOU.

I have come to realize that my clients benefit the most when I combine the best aspects of my work – intuitive counseling, guided imagery, channeling, energy awareness, and practical suggestions.  Today is a great day to accelerate your journey.

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